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Datum: 10.08.2019 21:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD
Gegner: 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Liga: Offizieller Scrim
Spielart: Realism
XonX: 12on12
Maps: dod_switchback_b1
Server: 6th RB Realism Server -
Leader: Obfw.Jakub / F/Sgt. M. Lanier [6th RB]
3te PGD 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Punkte: 23

"WARNING SOLDIERS !A new troop of the 6th RB will try to gain ground in a region of France, called Switchback, a strategic base close to Belgium and Luxembourg. We will have to prepare a real battle there so as not to lose what belongs to us. Strength and honor, soldiers."

A group ofminimum of 12 soldierswill be requisitioned but this can be extended if the enemy team are more than we think.
The weapons available in the reserve will be2 automatics, 1 sniper and 1 rocket. Medic is available for everyone (!medic).

This can also be extended (weapons) if we need back up before they come."


Standard rules of realism must be followed.
Anwärter and warned members can't play scrims.
Please, be there in TeamSpeak 2 hours before.

Obfw.Jakub & the diplomats.
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Screenshot 5

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#2 am 12.08.2019 um 01:24 Uhr IP gespeichert
Hello guys,

Once again, thanks for coming to that scrim despite of the summer, vacations and other real life stuffs. Even we were 11 when at the start, I'm pretty proud that we found other guys to join and then play normally. However, some players from the 3te PGD just don't care about scrims, definitely, not sure if we have to keep them inside that clan... But it's another subject !

About the game itself, like usual we won the defence parts but lost attacks and AvA and this is a major problem since a long time. We can't win, even we have some good individuals in the team. This is why I told you that, myself, the tacticians maybe and training guys, will try to put something to stop that loosing streak.

We did good things during the game, communication was good and the team spirit also. So keep it boys, and let's improve ourselves next time to face the 34th ID.


#1 am 25.07.2019 um 15:40 Uhr IP gespeichert
Official squad.

1. Jakub (leader)
2. Hoffmann
3. Prien
4. K.Yaku
5. Shougge
6. Goto
7. Marroba
8. Bob
9. Materia


- Hypa
- Real Deal
- Zeronius
- Kommissar

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