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#1 am 09.02.2020 um 23:07 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Hello Kommissar and the rest of 3te.


I just read your message and thank you for responding.

It helps me understand the whole situation and for that I want to say again thank you, I have reached a conclusion maybe not the best but I got one and that is the most important thing. I see I'm not going to play on the server again and as you say it's just a game, live moves on.


I just wanted to say thank you for the many great memories on the server over the past few years it has been a fun and at times challenging but fun.


So I would like to thank you Kommissar and the entire 3te PGD for keeping the server and community intact.


Nothing last forver ... sadly. Time to move on ...

Take care and have fun, no hard feelings man.


Dearest regards Bilinho7 aka Billy/Max.

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#2 am 10.02.2020 um 16:46 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Hello, I'd like to state my opinion here too if that is okay.

 Since Max was unbanned for his last misbehaviours, he has displayed an excelent attitude ever since. These last months I play regularly on 3te server I see Max behave exceptionally every time he is online. I strongly believe the other members of 3te would agree on this.
 As I understood Max was banned for cheating, which is strongly debatable and possibly not true, but afterwards the ban reason was shifted to "too many bans". However, since he is not banned for cheating and his behaviour is extraordinary good, why would he be banned again for his past bans, even if he has showed many sights of improvement-did not display any bad behaviour? He got one more chance to prove himself, after all his previous bans, he exploited it and was deemed worthy to continue playing on our server. So why now, after all those months of exceptional behaviour and sights of reformation, should he be banned for exceeding the ban limit?
 As I see it, there is a minimum ammount of bans a person can have before being permanently banned from the server, never to be unbanned again. This measurment is to prevent players who cannot be obligated to follow the rules from playing on the server, so as not to ruin the experience for the others. Nevertheless, since Max was not banned sooner for this, wouldn't it be an exaggeration to ban him now when he is following the rules to the letter?
 Sorry for posting such a long response here. I just want justice to be server correctly and prevent any rush decisions from being made.

With the highest regards,

Schtz. Kyriacos

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