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#1 am 11.08.2019 um 18:01 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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**Salute** its Quvi/Flammendk.gifus.gif

And im vac-banned on my main.
So, i started playing with my main called "Quvi", and it has a vac ban from a long time ago on Counter Strike Source..
I know im stupid that i hacked... But yeah, i played 1 realism game for my first time on that server, and it was really funny,
and instantly i got banned from the server for having a vac ban, and thats fair, i only played one game there.
And then i went to sleep. When i woke up, i created my new main account named "Flammen" and i bought the game
just for playing on the server again, because it was really funny. I played 17 hrs on the server in just 3 days....
and if i get unbanned i will still be really active, even if theres not alot of players in. i play all day long and also in the night.
I made many friends, "Joly, Madek, Bob" and yeah i can continue...
i really wanted to join the clan (3te PGD).. but i couldnt because i only played 17 hrs on the server and i had to play 20.
Today i got banned because my main account "Quvi" was banned for having a vac ban on Counter Strike Source.
I talked with Mette and Hoffmann, they were nice and kind, and said i should make a forum post, and here i am. grin.gif
Im asking for a unban on my | New main called "Flammen" with no vac bans.
And i really want to join the server again. If not, i dont even know what to play, i only play on that server.
I love the community and all the people that i played with.
Im always in teamspeak, i have the "Freund" rank.
I have a youtube channel that i planned to record realism or if i joined the clan then scrim games... 217 subs 100k+ views.
**Salute** Hope i see you guys again!

Nachtrag von Flammen:

I want "Karl" to check it plsgrin.gif
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#2 am 12.08.2019 um 01:50 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Hello Flammen,
I understand your point of view and, in my opinion, you should be allowed to play because you didn't make anything wrong in our server. I saw that you are volonteer to lead for example and it's important to have players like you on our public server.
But, right now, it's the FG (Felgendarmerie) who will take care of that case.

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#3 am 12.08.2019 um 06:31 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Guten morgen
Was wir gerne wollen und was wir gerne hätten und auch machen sind unterschiedliche dinge.
Die FG hat klare regeln an die sich jeder zu halten hat und es gibt klare regeln in der einheit sowie auch auf dem server.
Ich habe vollztes verständnis für dich flamme wegen nur einer dummheit aber wir werden dich nicht enbannen den grund kennst du selbst.
Jakub auch wenn er anführen tut im realism mod ist das kein grund zum entbannen. Wir geben Chaeter Hacker u.s.w keine chance unsere spielatmosphäre zu stören.
außerdem wenn wir dich entbannen,kommen alle anderen auch und sagen:hey wir haben einen vac gebannten acc aber hey das war in einem anderen spiel.
Fw.Hoffmann FG
good Morning
What we like and what we would like to do and also do are different things.
The FG has clear rules that everyone has to adhere to and there are clear rules in the unit as well as on the server.
I have complete understanding for you because of only one stupidity but we will not enlighten you the reason you know yourself.
Jakub, even though he does lead in the realism mod is no reason to unban. We give Chaeter Hacker u.s.w no chance to disturb our playing atmosphere.
Also, if we even trying to let u escape with that vac, all the others would enter the chat and say hey we have a vac banned acc but hey that was in another game.
** Salute **
Fw.Hoffmann FG

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#4 am 12.08.2019 um 15:53 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Hi Flammen

When you showed up as flammen it was pretty clear you been playing dods before and i wondered who you where you been really active on the server lately and it has been fun playing with you as Flammen.

Its really a shame you have a Vac ban but it looks like the rules a clear, i would tho like to add that people make mistakes and looks like you regret you mistake.
I respect that you apply for an unban and hope we can play Dods again one day soon.

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#5 am 12.08.2019 um 18:56 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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The ban stays and is therefore good. We have our rules so that everyone has to settle for now.
Salute Hoffmann fg
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