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Datum: 23.10.2022 21:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD - realism
Gegner: Publics - Public players
Liga: Public Scrim Campaign
Spielart: Realism
XonX: 16 on 16
Maps: dod_roma_a2
Server: [3te PGD] Scrimserver -
Leader: Bischhock - Tabanaso
3te PGD - realism Publics - Public players
Punkte: 30

If 10 vs. 10 on start of realism => 2/2-1-1 +1m
If 12 vs. 12 on start of realism => 3/3-1-1 +1m
If 14 vs. 14 on start of realism => 3/3-1-1 +2m
If 16 vs. 16 on start of realism => 4/4-1-1 +2m

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#5 am 24.10.2022 um 15:13 Uhr IP gespeichert

Because of his good performance in the first round Hfw.Jakub will recieve the
"Man of the Match" medal and also the "Teambash" medal for his many kills in the same round.


Jakub completely destroyed the enemys on his own with 7 enemys left in the first round.
And had a total of 9 kills during that round, but havent killed an enemy in the following rounds. XD

Frescht his 3rd round performance probably went unnoticed by most during the round, but he did get 10 kills in the German attack.
But 0 kills in the first round. ;P

Regarding the incidents in the Public team:

Murilox his first teamkill with the spade didn't look like it was on purpose. After "live" he banged around with the spade when leaving the spawn and killed the player behind him. He probably didn't expect that it's also possible to kill teammates with a spade on our server...

Murilox his second teamkill with a rifle-grenade also didn't look like it was on purpose. It looked like he just didn't check the minimap.

Apparently, the suicide of "Koffeee" was not intended either. He lay down in the corner of the "Moat" and went AFK. Another player then pushed him into the water and at the beginning of the round he died because he was still afk drowned in the water.

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#4 am 23.10.2022 um 15:22 Uhr IP gespeichert
Salute all,

unfortunately Im out exactly in play-time, means between 21 till 22 pm.
Cross fingers to win this time xd.
#3 am 23.10.2022 um 14:49 Uhr IP gespeichert

Maybe i can join late. 

My last basketball match finishes at 20:00.

I will join about 20:30

#2 am 22.10.2022 um 21:28 Uhr IP gespeichert

Dont forget the be in time. 
As it has been announced in the TS for a long time, we will start with the preparation at 8:15 pm (CET) ON TIME.

#1 am 10.10.2022 um 22:00 Uhr IP gespeichert

Anyone can register for the scrim from now on.
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