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Clanwar details
Date: 05.02.2023 22:00h
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD - realism
Opponent: 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion Realism
League: DoD:S
Type: Realism
XonX: 12 on 12
Maps: dod_winter
Server: 6th Ranger's Battalion 24/7 Realism -
Leader: Theoball - Pederson
3te PGD - realism 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion Realism
Points: 13

Match Rules:
All weapon pick-ups are allowed
Only moveable/breakable barricades
Realistic prop boosting allowed
Rifle nade priming allowed
No skynades
No floating
Realistic spots
Without spawn
Dont sit or prone in bushes
The roof in field is forbidden

AVA Rules:
Only rifle
With nades
No proning
All weapon pick-ups are allowed

Their server settings:


The middle of the tank alley and in the garden/connector are different from our own!

Detailed Minimap:

-> full size <-

Set up by:Oberst Bischhock [3te PGD]&F/Sgt. J. Pederson [6th RB]

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

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#3 at 06.02.2023 on 11:22h IP saved
Even the result is bad, I think we should - like most of the time - improve on our communication. I know that the technical part of the server (no blackout) want us to say stuff that we usually don't say, but when you are dead, you remain silent. Except for the leader in game who can try to manage and coordinate his troops.

However, I saw things that I really don't appreciate as a "young" leader. When someone is giving his best for the tactics, the positions and so on, it's unacceptable to play with nades, teamattacking or joking around. This comes AFTER the match, not before and during the game. There were also some teamkills during the scrim (sorry Bitcoin I crossed your crosshair), but this happened, we also have to stay calm. If you start to talk/shout about it, how other people will feel with that? They get confused.

So, please, be aware of all of this. I don't want this to happened again, it's disturbing for people. We don't have many scrims against real units those past years, so take every opportunities to work as a group and be serious all the time.

See us in one week in dod_troddle, and in a few days for the training.


last edited by Jakub at 06.02.2023 11:22h
#2 at 03.02.2023 on 14:04h IP saved
I will be there as a substitute if you are already full from the trainings.
#1 at 19.01.2023 on 12:43h IP saved

3 things have changed:

- all weapon pick-ups are allowed
- all weapon pick-ups allowed in AvA
- Increased weapon damage for rockets

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